The Yom-Kippur War Center

A non-profit organization has recently begun to operate in Israel with the goal of establishing and erecting "The Yom-Kippur War Center". Many reserve officers and soldiers, war veterans, civilian individuals and families  identify with the idea of such a project.

The purpose of this center is to confer upon generations to come the history and legacy of the war, to honor and recognize the warriors, to serve as a place of remembrance of the many fallen and their bereaved families, and as a base for comprehensive research of the war and its lessons.

The establishment of the center stems from the conviction that the Yom-Kippur war, the results and impacts of which affect our lives to this day, would become a national heritage center, similar to the “Six Day War and the Liberation and Unification of Jerusalem” center, to which a Bill was recently passed in the Knesset.

The center will encompass information, literature, and research pertaining to the war, namely:  the background which lead to its outbreak , the operational conduct of the war  and the lessons learnt, and promote ongoing military and historical research. Furthermore, the center will honor the warriors and commemorate the bravery of the fallen who sacrificed their lives, enable access to the information and educate future generations.

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